Andrea Rae- CEO

Hi, I am Andrea Rae. I started my company Healing Foods all by accident. It was time to clean up my health and as I was cooking for myself my friends would ask me to help them. I learned very quickly how difficult it was to find a kitchen and all the expense that went along with trying to build a business on small meals. 5 years later I discovered my passion was to help people. I love to create and see opportunities and I do that better for others than I do for myself. I saw a need for many cottage bakers and small businesses who were creating their dreams and needed not only a kitchen but retail. That is how Her Company was made. I hope to make a happy joyful space for all of us to create and share our dreams with all of you. Welcome to our cooperative we hope you feel all our hearts in our creations.

Interested in being a HERcompany Vendor?

We are always looking for women who have a dream of owning their own business and need a place to thrive... come be a part of our commercial kitchen & retail space. Please fill out the form below & we will be in touch!

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